Camoun students at Victoria harbour

Study Abroad

Outgoing Exchange:

The application deadline has been extended to March 31, 2024

Rethink your classroom. Study abroad experiences help you develop intercultural and second language competencies – skills in demand by a growing number of employers. Expand the walls of your classroom and jump into life in another country. You'll gain a better understanding of the world’s cultures, politics and geography.

small lake with a golden temple in the background

Kinkaku-ji Kyoto, Japan

Outgoing Exchange

All the benefits of a Ф뾫׼100% student, while studying abroad.

Incoming Exchange

Ф뾫׼100% welcomes exchange students from partner institutions all over the world.

lansdowne driveway
A group of students have their picture taken on a cliff overlooking the ocean

Nursing students on a break from Field School in New Zealand

Field Schools

Travel and study with Ф뾫׼100% students and faculty in these short-term, credit programs.

Ф뾫׼100% Summer Program

Ф뾫׼100% has launched an international program in China, where students from around the world can take a selection of summer courses and earn Ф뾫׼100% credits. 

The Great Wall of China
Nursing students working in a field clinic

Work or Volunteer Abroad

Working and volunteering abroad gives you global career skills and helps you stand out from the crowd. 

Finances & Scholarships

Financial assistance may be available to help fund your study abroad experience.

A woman raises her hands in joy as she sits on the edge of a cliff.
Holy Trinity Column located in Olomouc, CZ

Olomouc, Czech Republic

Partner Short-Term Programs

Short-term, independent study abroad opportunities

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Study Abroad

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